9539 State Road 52, Hudson, Florida, 34667
Is your car a mess?  Did your kids make a mess that you simply do not want to clean up?  Do you carry your pets in your car and have animal hair all over?  Or do you have a nice, clean car and want to keep it that way?  Please bring us your vehicle and let us clean it for you.  Cars, vans, SUVs, pickups, Jeeps, Hummers, and anything else needing washed and/or waxed, can be brought to us, no appointment necessary, and we will clean it.

We use top-quality, high performance Garage One Pro products to clean and shine your car, SUV, pick up truck, RV, or bus.  No one does it better!  No one can do it for less than us and give you the same quality wash job.  You will immediately see (and feel) the difference!  You car has never be cleaner than it will be when we are finished with it.

As seen on Hemmings TV, Fox 13 in Tampa, and many other shows, Garage One Pro products are the best!  We use the best!  Garage One Pro products clean your paint, your wheels and tires, and your interior, better than any other products we have found.  We have found many products that cost far less, but nothing has performed as well.  We want to give you the best car wash, no matter the cost.  Yet, our prices reflect our attempt to keep prices as low as possible for you.  No one else can give you the same quality wash as we do for less money.  These Garage One Pro High Performance products will leave you amazed at how nice your car looks, feels, and smells.  Garage One Pro Car Wax with Teflon provides UVA and UVB protection to your car's finish.

Plus, our products are water soluble, not oily, leaving no residue.  Run-off onto your glass will not occur like with most other products.  In the rain, you will not be blinded by our products.  Anyone who has gotten other cleaning products on their windshield knows what I am talking about.  The streaks leave you blinded in the rain.  Our products will not do this to you!

Instead of a simple vacuuming of your interior, you can upgrade your "BEST HAND WASH IN TOWN" experience by having us use steam extraction to clean your carpets and upholstery for $20.  Our Ultimate Wash and Wax comes with steam extraction to clean and remove stains from your carpets and upholstery.  Not only do we use steam extraction, but we use the highest quality steam extractor in the car detailing business!  The Mytee HD100 Grand Prix is the top of the of the line in automotive carpet and upholstery extraction.  This 5 Star rated machine produces high temperature steam and 120 pounds of pressure at the spray nozzle.  The dirt and stains in your car are knocked loose with the finest cleaners in the world and steam under high pressure, then vacuumed up with this high-powered 3-stage vacuum system.  Your interior has never been this clean since your car was new.  You will be astonished when you see how nice your car looks after this process is completed.

$15  EXPRESS WASH (Vans, Pickups, SUVs, $20)
(exterior only) with Garage One premium car wash soap

(Vans, Pickups, SUVs, $30)
DELUXE HAND WASH with premium Garage One Pro car wash products includes:
outside wash, door jams cleaned, interior vacuumed, tire dressing, and windows cleaned.

(Vans, Pickups, SUVs, $60)
SUPREME HAND WASH AND WAX with premium Garage One Pro car wash and wax products includes:
Outside wash, outside wax with clay towel applicator, door jams cleaned, interior vacuumed, tire dressing, and windows cleaned, and tires cleaned and tire dressing applied.
Waxed with Garage One Pro Wax with Teflon - Carnauba wax.

$120  ULTIMATE WASH AND WAX (Vans, Pickups, SUVs - $150)
ULTIMATE WASH AND WAX with premium Garage One Pro car wash and wax products includes:
Outside wash, outside wax with clay towel applicator, door jams cleaned, interior cleaned (seats, carpets, and cloth door panels cleaned with steam extraction and Garage One Pro cleaners designed to give great results; dash cleaned with Garage One Pro water-based products, arm rests cleaned), windows cleaned, trunk cleaned, tires cleaned and tire dressing applied, and your choice of car air freshener.

STEAM CLEAN INTERIOR - $50 (vans/pickups,SUVs - $80)
INTERIOR DETAIL - $80 (vans/pickups,SUVs - $100)
(vans/pickups,SUVs - $80)

We also clean RVs for $20 per foot.  We will scrub the inside clean, using Garage One products and steam extraction, to get things looking as new as possible.  Outside, we will wash the unit and shine it with Garage One car wash products and premium wax.  You will be very glad you had us clean your RV.

We specialize in cleaning buses.  Being a school bus dealer for many years, and still operating one of the largest school bus dealerships in America, we have learned the value of having our buses very clean at the time of sale.  We can also offer you the best bus cleaning in America.  Our staff is well acquainted with all types of buses and vans and can give your bus the finest cleaning it has ever had.  Your bus will look better than ever when we are finished.  We offer inside cleaning, outside washing, outside waxing, and even have a product (Bus Shine) we can use that will bring back the color to faded paint and leave a shine that lasts years without waxing.  Just ask about it!  It works well on all vehicles that do not have clear coat paint, including industrial equipment.  We can give you a quote for any job, and you will be amazed at the outcome.

Standard bus wash inside/out - $200 plus $10 per row of seats
Deluxe bus wash (inside/out) and wax (outside) - $400 plus $10 per row of seats
Deluxe bus wash with Bus Shine - $800 plus $10 per row of seats (Stop by and let us show you how miraculous this product truly is!)

Get your church buses cleaned up and looking new, again.  Daycare buses, shuttle buses, and ALL other buses welcome.  We will clean your bus like no one else!  We are the best bus clean-up shop in the country!

So, if you want the best car wash you can possibly get, you have to come see us.  We are located at 9539 State Road 52 in Hudson, Florida, 34667, right across the street from BGA School Buses, Inc.
Nothing is too small, too big, or too dirty for us to clean.