We offer, for $200, a 3rd party D.O.T. inspection.  This means the bus will be taken to a licensed D.O.T. truck inspection facility.  BGA School Buses, Inc. has no affiliation with this truck repair shop, whatsoever.  This shop has proven itself to us [over the years] to be incredibly thorough and to not cut any corners.   This shop has proven itself to be very honest with us, and they do very good repair work.  Therefore, if they can find anything at all wrong with the bus, they know we will pay them to make the repairs.  It is in their best interest to find something wrong!

Though the buses we sell have been state inspected each year of their life, and though we have driven them hundreds of miles, ourselves, we occasionally find something wrong with a bus.  When we do, we have it repaired.   So, the bus you purchase, whether or not it goes in for a
GUARANTEED D.O.T. INSPECTION from us, is the same bus.  It has been inspected by professionals each time it was serviced over the years, each time it was driven, at each annual school bus inspection, at the time of our purchase, at the time of us driving it to FL, and as soon as it arrived at our Florida sales lot.   With or without a GUARANTEED D.O.T. INSPECTION, we believe our buses to be in tip-top condition.  This GUARANTEED D.O.T. INSPECTION simply adds another professional's opinion and helps you feel comfortable with your purchase.

At the time of inspection, if repairs are determined to be needed, BGA School Buses, Inc. has the option to repair the bus or give the customer back all of their money.   The customer can leave with their money, or apply it towards a different bus.   The decision to make repairs or return your money is solely up to BGA School Buses, Inc.

Once the bus passes inspection, a D.O.T. inspection certificate will be issued and it can be applied to the bus.   This certifies that the bus is safe to operate on public roads for the next year.   This inspection makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the mechanical condition of the bus after the inspection.   It simply verifies that the bus is in safe operating condition at the time of inspection.  

Federal law requires all commercial vehicles to have a D.O.T. inspection performed annually.  If you are purchasing the bus for private, noncommercial use, there is no requirement by law to have the vehicle inspected.   However, all of the buses we offer for sale are eligible for
GUARANTEED D.O.T. INSPECTIONS.   If you intend to use your bus for private purposes, but still wish to have it inspected prior to conversion, we will be glad to do this for you.   This way, if the inspection determines something to be unsafe, repairs are made at our expense, not yours.  Again, the bus you purchase without an inspection is the exact same bus you purchase with the inspection.  We do not want to have to do repairs to the bus after you purchase it, so we do our best to make sure the bus is in tip-top condition.   Also, we deliver many of the buses we sell.  We do not want to be broken down on the side of the road any more than you do.  So, we do our best to make sure the buses are roadworthy, safe, and dependable.

GUARANTEED D.O.T. INSPECTIONS for $200.  Sales tax applies to those who are not tax-exempt.